Love Me Tender
by Audrey Couloumbis
Summary: Things are not going well for thirteen-year-old Elvira. Her parents have a huge fight, and her father storms out headed to off to Las Vegas for an Elvis impersonator contest. Her mother is pregnant, and Elvira is not excited about this new baby; she knows she'll have to help take care of "the Belly," and she already has her hands full with her little sister, Kerrie. Then, to make matters worse, Elvira's mother loads them all up and drives them to Memphis to visit a grandmother and aunt they've never met and know little about. Things get "all shook up" in this family tale of mistakes, surprises, and redemption.
Thoughts: Elvira is a great character! I loved her sassy, hilarious outlook on life. This was a fun, creative look at an out-of-the-ordinary family. Elvira has such a strong voice, and I hope we'll hear more from her!

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