by Ingrid Law

Summary: Mibs Beaumont is looking forward to her 13th birthday ... but for a bigger reason than the typical teen-to-be. When the Beaumonts turn 13, they inherit their "savvy" - their special power or "know how"- and Mibs can't wait to discover hers. However, things take a terrible turn when - days before her big day - her father is in a terrible car accident and is barely holding onto life in a hospital miles away. Mrs. Beaumont and Mibs' oldest brother go to be with him leaving the four youngest Beaumonts behind. Mibs just knows that she can help her father and will do anything .... including sneaking onto a Bible-delivering bus... to get to him! Several others accompany her and are in for the ride of their lives.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this unique novel. The touch of fantasy is just right, and the writing is creative, poetic, and engaging. I look forward to more books from this first-time author.

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