Red Moon at Sharpsburg
by Rosemary Wells

Summary: Twelve-year-old India's school is closed at the outbreak of the Civil War, and she is tutored by her brilliant neighbor Emory Trimble. Instead of focusing on the typical female studies of scripture, household economics, and handwriting, Emory teaches India all about the natural sciences. India is an eager learner and dreams of going to college someday to further her studies. Meanwhile the Civil War is escalating, India's beloved father joins the fight, and many young soldiers are losing their lives. India witnesses the horrors of the war and works hard to help her mother and others suffering around her; but, she continues to hope for the day she can enroll in college and live a different life.
Thoughts: This novel provides a deeper understanding of the Civil War and the horrible realities of battle. I loved India and her desire to live a different life than women were allowed at this time.

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