Skulduggery Pleasant

by Derek Landy

Summary: Stephanie's mysterious uncle, a bestselling novelist, dies and leaves her his entire estate. On the first visit to her newly acquired property, Stephanie is attacked by an evil man who is desperately looking for something. She is rescued by a walking, talking, fire-throwing skeleton named Skulduggery Pleasant. Stephanie deduces that her uncle was murdered, and she teams up with this strange skeleton detective to solve the crime. Stephanie is pulled into a dangerous world full of magic, secrets, strange characters, and evil villains as she seeks to find her uncle's murderer.

Thoughts: The audio of this book is a true treat for the ears! I loved the different voices and the musical interludes. This is a sassy, fun, new mystery series that really delivers. The action continues in the recently-released sequel, Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire.

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