Antsy Does Time
by Neal Shusterman

Summary: Antsy Bonano of The Schwa Was Here is back! In this adventure, Antsy befriends classmate Gunnar who is suffering from a terminal illness. In effort to help Gunnar form a more positive outlook in his final months, Antsy offers to "give" Gunnar a month of his life. Things spiral from there as others start to donate months of their lives and Antsy starts trading time like stocks on Wall Street! To add to the mayhem, Antsy falls for Gunnar's gorgeous older sister Kjersten. Antsy is in for a ride as he tries to juggle all of this along with school, working at his parents' restaurant, cranky old Mr. Crawley, ex-girlfriend Lexie, and his overbearing aunt.

Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was engaging, funny, and thought-provoking. Antsy is such a great character, and it was a treat to follow him on another adventure. Kudos to Mr. Shusterman! I hope there will be more to come!

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