Breaking Dawn
by Stephenie Meyer

Summary: The saga of Bella and Edward, the vampire she loves, comes to an exciting conclusion.

Thoughts: It is often difficult for such a highly anticipated volume to please a series' devoted fans; so, it is natural that this book has been met with mixed reviews. I, however, thought this was a creative, fitting end to the Twilight saga. The story has several surprises and allows Bella to develop into a stronger, more confident character along the way. I like the title and the saga's entry into a "new day."


  1. I, of course, loved Breaking Dawn. Edward was in it, duh. However, I am suffering from depression now that the saga has ended.

  2. I was dissapointed in Breaking Dawn...I thought it was a somewhat trite ending to such a beautiful work of art...But, I still LOVE the series! Although very upset the series is over *sigh*, I still encourage others to read them!


    P.S. And "wolfgirl" does mean I am a Jacob fan...Don't shoot!



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