Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

by Ally Carter

Summary: This sequel to I'd Tell You I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You picks right up with Cammie Morgan beginning her sophomore year at the Gallagher Academy (the secret training ground for young female spies). Cammie is trying to heal from her recent break-up with non-spy Josh and is hoping for a normal semester (or at least as normal a semester as a Covert Ops student can expect). But, Cammie and her friends are thrown for a loop when boys from the mysterious Blackthorn school infiltrate the Gallagher academy.
Thoughts: This is such a fun series and a great one to experience on audio! I love how Cammie and her friends are geniuses at spywork but very inexperienced with boys & romance. :) Reading about Cammie makes me wish I was a spy-in-training!

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