Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
 by David Lubar

Summary: Scott Hudson is starting his freshman year and nothing is going his way. He's constantly getting smacked by the seniors, having his lunch money stolen, and is completely ignored by the girls. He never sleeps because of his endless homework, he's certain his gym teacher is trying to kill him, and he's growing apart from his childhood friends. To be near the girl of his dreams, he joins the paper, runs for student council, and tries out for the play, all of which completely backfire. And, on top of everything else, he finds out his mother is pregnant. In hilarious journal entries written to the unborn baby, Scott describes his experiences as he tries to find his place in the high school world.

Thoughts: I listened to this Lubar classic on audio and enjoyed every syllable. It's a delightful story of a great kid. I loved Scott's English teacher and will forever be obsessed with Tom Swifties! :)

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