The Boy Who Dared

by Susan Campbell Baroletti

Summary: Helmuth Hübener was the first teenager tried and convicted as an adult in the Nazi Germany's high court for conspiracy to commit treason. In this novel, author Baroletti tells Hübener's story as he sits in prison awaiting execution in 1942. Hübener remembers his childhood during Hitler’s rise to power and how he started off as an ardent Nazi follower. Then he began to question his patriotism, secretly listened to BBC radio broadcasts, and finally dared to write and distribute pamphlets calling for resistance. This is a captivating story of the pursuit of truth and real heroism in one of the worst times in history.

Thoughts: This is an outstanding book. The alternation between Helmuth's jail cell and his flashbacks to the events that led him there is very effective in telling a gripping tale. The fact that this is based on true events and followed by author's notes and photographs of young Helmuth is truly sobering.

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