Hippie Chick

by Joseph Monninger

Summary: Lolly loves the sea and is an expert sailor. But one night when she takes her little sailboat out, disaster strikes. The boat capsizes, and Lolly finds herself injured and alone in the dark water. She is about to give up hope when a group of manatees arrives. Lolly is able to hold onto one as it makes its way to warm waters. Through a unique connection with these endearing animals. Lolly finds hope and a chance for survival.

Thoughts: I am crazy about manatees, so when I saw what this was about I couldn't wait to read it. The title is a bit deceiving because it sounds like a lighter, "chick lit-ish" novel when in fact it is a story of survival. I found it to be a mesmerizing story that made me love manatees even more! I was also intrigued with the author's notes that mentioned the many accounts of manatees and dolphins coming to the aide of humans over the years. I loved the idea of a connection with the animal world that is beyond understanding. What can I say? I am still hoping Ariel and Sebastian are singing and dancing somewhere "Under the Sea!" :)

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