How it Happened in Peach Hill

by Marthe Jocelyn

Summary: Annie serves as the assistant to her mother, the clairvoyant and spiritual adviser "Madame Caterina." Annie has perfected the skill of eavesdropping around town to gather information for her mother to use in her fortune telling sessions. Mother and daughter are foced to move from town to town frequently to escape exposure. When they arrive in Peach Hill, however, Annie tires of the swindling act and wants to settle down. She longs to make friends and maybe even find romance. Annie proves to have some tricks of her own as she looks to make a future for herself.
Thoughts: What an engrossing novel. Annie is a hoot; I loved her spunk and sense of humor! You can't help but be pulled into her story and to root for her to break free from her mother's con to find out who she really is.

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