by Gabrielle Zevin

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Liz Hall is hit by a car while riding her bicycle. Her life is over before she turns 16, gets her driver's license, goes to college, or falls in love. She wakes up on a ship headed to a land called Elsewhere. Now Liz must figure out how to "live" in this new existence.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed Ms. Zevin's book Memoirs and a Teenage Amnesiac, but hadn't had the chance to read this one until now. It was really interesting and engaging. I liked Liz, the other characters, and the idea of communicating with pets. :) Also, any book that begins with the thoughts of a pug is one that will pull me right in!
There seem to be several "from the grave" novels in young adult literature these days, and I have enjoyed reading these different accounts of the after life. They definitely provide a lot of food for thought and discussion.

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