by Kean Soo

Summary: Portia Bennett is getting in trouble at school, having difficutly fitting in with her classmates, and wondering where her father is. Things get worse when she finds a huge purple monster in the woods outside her house. She now has to worry about keeping him a secret from her mother and helping him find his home.

Thoughts: I am starting to explore world of graphic novels and had heard good things about this one. I'm glad it was recommended, because I really enjoyed it. Jellaby is so cute, and I liked the use of purple in all of the graphics. The story ends leaving you eager for the sequel (and for a purple monster of your own). I look forward to reading Jellaby in the City when it comes out in April!

1 comment:

  1. I KNOW!!!
    I can't wait till Jellaby in the city comes out!
    Jellaby is such a fun book!



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