The Penderwicks on Gardam Street

by Jeanne Birdsall

Summary: The Penderwick sisters are back. It has been four years since the girls' mother passed away. Their beloved Aunt Claire is coming for a visit, and this time she brings a suprise. It is a letter their mother left for their father. She worried that he would be lonely and encouraged him to begin dating. The girls are horrified! The last thing they want is their father dating, and they can barely stand the thought of a step-mother. They hatch a plan to keep him from finding someone that has some unexpected results.

Thoughts: I love the Penderwick books. They are warm, cozy and a wonderful escape from edgy, mean-girl novels. The characters are all so likeable, and the type you'd love to have for next-door neighbors. I hope there are more Penderwick novels on the way!

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