Sucks to be Me

by Kimberly Pauley

Summary: Most teenagers are wrestling with questions about their future, but not many must make the decision Mina faces: become a vampire or stay human? Mina's parents are vampires, and it's never been that big of deal. But now, Mina must attend vampire orientation classes and decide whether or not she wants to become one. Her life is about to change forever, and she only has a month to decide! New friends, would-be boyfriends, living forever? Or, her lifelong best friend and the life she's always know?
Thoughts: Sucks to be Me is a sassy, lighthearted vampire novel. I liked Mina and the contrast between her real-world high school experiences & the vampire realm. I also liked Mina's lists, vampire "myth-busting", and her eccentric English teacher. This is a fun choice for readers looking for vampire novels without the gory bite!

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