King of the Screwups

by K.L. Going

Summary: The son of a powerful CEO and former supermodel, Liam Geller is popular, athletic, and unbelievably handsome. But, he can't seem to do anything right in the eyes of his father. After one-too-many disappointments, his father kicks him out of the house, right before his senior year. With nowhere else to go, Liam moves in with his "Aunt Pete," his father's estranged brother who happens to be a cross-dressing deejay living in a "broken-down trailer park in the middle of nowhere." How much more screwed up can things get?

Thoughts: I loved this novel! It was funny, heartbreaking, and original. The characters were real and endearing. They remind you that what's inside is what's most important and that sometimes you have to make your own way even if it's not what's expected or desired by those around you.

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