Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress

by Maria Padian
Summary: Brett is pretty sure of who she is: soccer star, vocabulary expert, only child, beloved granddaughter, and Diane's best friend. But, her world is turned upside down her 8th grade year when she & Diane have a fight; overnight Brett goes from Diane's best friend to social outcast. She is forced to redefine herself and figure out where she truly belongs.

Thoughts: I was interested in this book for a while, but was was always turned off by the cover. (Our copy is solid red with a gold outline of the Brett drawing :/ ). But, I asked one of my students (a soccer star herself!) to read it, and she loved it! So, finally I got to it, and I loved it too. I thought Brett was hilarious and very authentic. I think so many readers could relate to her and the friendship challenges she is experiencing. So, ignore the cover and give it a try. (At least the paperback cover is better!)

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