The Stolen One

by Suzanne Crowley

Summary: Kat has grown up in an English country cottage with her adoptive mother and sister. When her mother dies, Kat sets off for London looking for answers about her real parents. Her bright red hair and expert embroidery skills catch the attention of Queen Elizabeth herself! Kat then finds herself in the queen's court trying to unravel the secrets of her past and also make decisions about her future and whom she truly loves.

Thoughts: This is an engrossing historical novel with a strong, determined heroine. The author did a beautiful job of creating authentic characters and bringing both the English countryside and the royal court to life. I also liked the way she intertwined excerpts from Kat's adoptive mother's diary between chapters about Kat's experiences in London. I love books about this time period and particularly enjoyed this one with a young adult heroine. I hope Ms. Crowley will continue to explore this historical world in her writings.

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