Girl Stolen
by April Henry

Summary:  Cheyenne is very sick with pneumonia.  Her step-mother runs into the pharmacy to get her medicine, and Cheyenne waits in the warm car.  Suddenly, Cheyenne hears the door open but it's not her step-mom who gets in and puts the car into drive.  But, Cheyenne has no idea who it is because she is blind.

ThoughtsGirl Stolen is a nail-biting, thrill ride!  I enjoyed it from the reach-out-and-grab-you opening to the final page.  The premise is original and the characters intriguing.  I also liked the realistic portrayal of Cheyenne and the struggles of her blindness.  If you're looking for a fast-paced, suspenseful novel, this is the perfect choice.   

For more information about mystery writer April Henry, click here.

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