Forgive my Fins
by Tera Lynn Childs

Summary: Lily is a typical high school girl.... except she happens to be half-mermaid and the daughter of the Sea King.  She has fallen head-over-tail for Brody, star of the swim team, and has big plans for him to one day rule with her over the ocean kingdom.  That is, if bad-boy Quince, her annoying (but oh-so-cute!) next door neighbor, will stop getting in the way.

ThoughtsForgive my Fins is frothy fin-tastic fun!  Just look at that cover!  Mermaids, cute boys, hidden undersea kingdoms, and real-world feelings of wanting to fit in and be loved are blended together into a light-hearted fantasy that is well worth the plunge.  Fans of Meg Cabot and author Tera Lynn Childs' other Oh.My.Gods novels should definitely dive in.  And, good news for those wanting more fishy tales:  the sequel Fins are Forever hits land this summer!  

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