by Jackie Morse Kessler

Summary: Anorexia?  How can Lisa have anorexia when she is so fat?  Fueled by the Thin Voice that constantly rides and shames her, Lisa ignores her friend's concern and continues to obsess over food.  A failed suicide attempt causes her to summon Death.  He assigns her the role of Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse.  As Famine, she travels the world witnessing extreme gluttony and starvation as she tries to restore balance in the world and in her own life.

Thoughts:  Wow. This is a powerful novel about eating disorders told in a captivating, new way.  Hunger provides insight into the struggles of those who deal with food issues and what makes these struggles so difficult.  Some readers may share Lisa's severe struggle with food; others may relate more to simply trying to cultivate a healthy self-image or trying to please those around them.  Lisa, her parents, and her friends are believable, realistic characters; Death and the other Horsemen are innovatively imagined.  I really liked this creative but compassionate look at a very serious problem and look forward to Ms. Kessler's next work.  Her second young adult novel, Rage, comes out in April 2011 and tells the story of a girl who deals with the world by injuring herself. 

Interesting note:  A portion of the proceeds from Hunger are donated to the National Eating Disorders Association.    

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