The Running Dream
by Wendelin Van Draanen

SummaryTrack star Jessica has always boldly taken on the toughest opponents on the track.  But when her leg is crushed in an accident and amputated below the knee, she faces a challenge she could never have imagined

NotesThe Running Dream is an authentic, compelling novel.  Ms. Van Draanen convincingly explores the ups and downs of trying to recover from a tragic accident; Jessica is realistically depressed and filled with self-pity one day and handling her trials with humor, hope, and determination the next.  She is a likeable, believable character that the reader can't help but root for as she progresses as a patient and as a person.  Not everyone will experience a sudden life change like Jessica's, but all can relate to the challenge of overcoming obstacles and will find inspiration in the gentle reminder to take things one step at a time. 

Click to learn more about Wendelin Van Draanen's writing and her "Exercise the Right to Read" campaign.

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