The Fortune of Carmen Navarro
by Jen Bryant

Summary: Ryan, a cadet at the local military academy, is a model student who makes excellent grades and always does the right thing.  Carmen, a gorgeous, free-spirited gypsy of a girl, dropped out of school to follow her dream of making music.  When these two teens meet, the results are explosive and change their lives forever.

Thoughts:  This novel is a modern retelling of the book that inspired the opera Carmen.  Through the voices of Carmen, Ryan and their best friends, Will and Maggie, the story of passionate, obsessive love is told.  The Fortune of Carmen Navarro is a clever interpretation of the original story that captivates the reader with its fast pace, interesting setting, and intense drama.  

Click here to watch a book trailer for The Fortune of Carmen Navarro and to read more about Jen Bryant's writing.

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