by Cynthia Hand

Summary:  Clara is one-quarter angel.  She begins to see visions that provide glimpses of her purpose on earth and lead her family to the mountains of Wyoming.  Who is the boy in the forest fire?  And, how can she save him?  

ThoughtsUnearthly is a slice of heaven!  It's a creative novel full of intrigue, excitement, romance, angels, mountains, and cowboys... what more do you need?  I was captivated from page 1. And, the minute I closed the back cover, I was online to discover if there is sequel (There is, thank heavens!).  If you like romances set in beautiful landscapes and sprinkled with the supernatural, check out Unearthly!  It's divine. 

Click here to view book trailers for Unearthly and learn more about the novel's author Cynthia Hand.

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