Close to Famous
by Joan Bauer

Summary: Foster and her mom are running away from Huck, her mom's abusive boyfriend, when they unexpectedly end up in the little town of Culpepper, West Virginia.  It seems like a good place to start over, so the two set out to create a new life in this quirky little town.  Foster loves to bake and dreams of being on the Food Network.  With the help of new neighbors and friends, she gets busy "making the world a better place one cupcake at a time."

ThoughtsClose to Famous is a charming novel full of eccentric characters and gentle life lessons.  I really liked spunky Foster and her can-do attitude.  She is a classic Joan Bauer main character: a strong girl that boldy takes on the challenges in her path.  Cupcakes and aspiring bakers have become common in recent literature, but Close to Famous eats up the competition.  And, it's definitely best read with a plateful of freshly-baked treats!      

Visit Joan Bauer's website to read more about Close to Famous and other novels. 

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