What Happened to Goodbye
by Sarah Dessen

Summary:  Moving from town-to-town with her father, McLean constantly reinvents herself at each new place.  When they land in Lakeview, she is forced to deal with these created identities and discover who she really is.    

Thoughts:  I love, love, love Sarah Dessen!  I'm crazy about novels of self-discovery, and Dessen reigns as the queen of this scene.  What Happened to Goodbye does not disappoint.  McLean's journey is marked with authentic soul-searching as she tries to make sense of her world and her changing family.  The characters have Dessen's trademark quirkiness and depth.  In this novel, Dessen returns to Lakeview, a fictional town from previous novels, and it was fun to see connections with former characters.  I devoured the book, and then had the horrible, familiar feeling when it ended... now, I have to WAIT for the next one!  

Read more about Sarah Dessen and her novels on her charming website.   

Exciting note for Dallas fans:  Sarah Dessen is coming to the Dallas Museum of Art on May 22, 2011 through the museum's BooksmART program!  Visit the DMA website for details and tickets.        

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