by Jill S. Alexander

Summary:  Paisley has been drumming as long as she can remember.  Her heart is set on playing at Texapalooza in Austin, Texas  Paisley is sure a performance at this music fest is just what she needs to kick off her career and get out of her small town.  But, when her band gets a new lead singer.... a hot, velvet-voiced boy from Paradise, Texas..... Paisley starts to wonder what she really wants.        

ThoughtsParadise, Jill S. Alexander's 2nd YA novel, is a Texas treasure.  I loved the setting, the music references, and the down home feel.  The characters are realistic and engaging, and I fell head-over-heels for the singer from Paradise.  Oooolala... be still my heart!  Even those whose life is not all that similar to Paisley's experience growing up in a small Texas town will be able to relate to her desire for acceptance from her parents and her passion to see the dreams of her heart come true.  The ending really surprised me and kept me thinking long after I closed the back cover.  I look forward to discussing it with other readers!   

Visit Jill S. Alexander's website to read more about this Texas author and her charming novels. 


  1. JIll! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I hope to see you at TLA.

  2. Jill Bellomy4/17/11, 11:39 PM

    Hi, Jill! Great to see you in Austin in your fabulous boots! :) Best of luck with Paradise. I can't wait for it to get in the hands of teen readers. Let me know if you are ever in the area!



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