TLA 2011!
The Texas Library Association Annual Conference is always a highlight of my spring.  Time with my librarian friends, dining with publishers, talking about books, and meeting authors.... what more could you want??  This year's conference in Austin was no different.  Here are just a few pics with some favorite authors:    

Time with Paola Bacigalupi, author of the multiple-award winning Ship Breaker, at the Little, Brown event. 
What a fabulously interesting guy!  So happy for him and his success! 

What??  THE Daniel Handler?? LEMONY SNICKET?? 
I can't believe I got to meet this hilarious, delightfully-quirky author!  


  1. Hello!!! I'm looking for some dinner details! I need some TLA dirt! Are you going to NOLA this summer?!?!? DO IT!

  2. Jill Bellomy4/22/11, 12:20 AM

    Hey, Mary "Quinn!" TLA dinners were awesome, but not at all the same without you and your fabulousness! :) I AM going to NOLA this summer. My first time! So excited! Are you going to be there???

  3. YES! I will be there! Can't wait!

  4. Jill Bellomy4/26/11, 7:32 PM

    Whooohooooo! That news just made my day! Can't wait to see you there. :)



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