Sarah Dessen in Big D!

The rock star of YA fiction!
The incredible Sarah Dessen came to the Dallas Museum of Art this week as part of the Arts & Letters Live BooksmART series. Ms. Dessen is currently on tour celebrating the release of her tenth novel What Happened to Goodbye (Be sure to read my post about this excellent new novel!).  I had the privilege of introducing Ms. Dessen before she spoke.  What an honor!  I loved the opportunity to talk about one of my very favorite YA authors and her amazing writing. 

The audience was great ... full of teen readers who knew Ms. Dessen's books inside and out!  I was really impressed with the quality of their questions and their knowledge of her novels.  Hands just shot up on Ms. Dessen's book trivia questions (and the questions were not easy)!  These readers were not stumped for a moment!  And, I thought I was a fan!?!? 

The best part of the day was getting to talk to Sarah Dessen for a few minutes before the presentation.  She's such an incredible author and just a really cool person.  I'm pretty sure we are supposed to be BFFs, but I seem to be the only one who knows this.  ;)  Oh, well.  A girl can dream! 

Huge thanks to Katie Hutton, head of Arts & Letters Live, for this very special experience!  Now back to the books ....  
I know it seems this is the only dress I own.  It's actually only the second time I've worn it.  I save it for author stalking opportunities. 

Don't we look like BFFs?  

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