Dead Beautiful
by Yvoone Woon

Summary: After Renee's parents are killed suddenly in a mysterious accident, she goes to live with her estranged grandfather... but not for long.  He insists that she immediately enroll in the Gotfried Academy, an exclusive boarding school devoted to classical studies.  There she meets the breathtakingly gorgeous Dante, and they have an immediate, intense connection.

Thoughts: Dead Beautiful is an original, worthy addition to the paranormal romance genre.  It is gothic, mysterious, and romantic.  I loved the boarding school setting as well as the creative use of Latin and the classic subjects.  The story is well-written and suspenseful; it kept me intrigued and turning the pages.  One reviewer called it "Twilight at Hogwarts" which is the perfect description!  Fans of romance and the supernatural should give this new novel a try.  And, for those who enjoy it, a sequel is on the way! 

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