by Lauren Oliver

Summary:  In a future world, love (amor deliria nervosa) is declared a disease and is outlawed by the government.  Lena is counting down the days until her 18th birthday.  Then she can get the operation that will prevent an outbreak of love and enusre her a safe and predictable life.  But then, she meets Alex.  

Thoughts:  What an excellent premise!  The idea of love as a disease and that its side effects ... strong emotions, anxiety, irrational behavior ... need to be avoided at all costs is original and thought-provoking.  Oliver builds a chilling world where safety & caution prevail, and Romeo and Juliet is viewed as a frightening, cautionary tale.  Lena is a believable character, and her journey to true understanding is captivating.  I was particularly impressed with the effective use of Biblical allusions.  Delirium ends dramatically leaving the reader eager for a sequel.  Luckily this is the first book in a new trilogy, so there is much more to come!  

Visit author Lauren Oliver's website to read more about this talented young adult author and her books. 

Interesting noteDelirium and Ms. Oliver's first novel, Before I Fall, have both been optioned for movies!    

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