The Fourth Stall
by Chris Rylander

Summary:  Mac is a problem solver. With the help of his best friend Vince, he runs a very profitable business providing advice, protection, and help to students in need.  But when his turf is invaded by a legendary bully, Mac may have encountered the first problem he just can't solve.  

Thoughts:  I loved this clever book!  It reads like a classic gangster movie with two powerful mob bosses competing for control with the help of thugs and snitches.  Interesting characters, original premise, great lines!  I particularly loved the descriptions of the campus bullies including a gossip-spreader, a biter, a cyberbully, and a psychopath named Kitten!  :)  And, on top of all this, it's a great story of friendship.  Ends with a set-up for a sequel ... certainly hope one's on the way!  

Visit Chris Rylander's website for more information about this fun new author.   

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