Small Persons with Wings
by Ellen Booraem

Summary:  When Mellie was young, her best friend was a Small Person with Wings (never to be called fairies!). She made the mistake of telling others about him and became the laughing stock of the school.  And, then suddenly her friend disappeared.  From then on, Mellie kept to herself, always wondering if she just imagined him.  Her grandfather dies leaving Mellie's family an inn.  She is overjoyed at the chance to move and have a fresh start, but she is in for a lot of big (or make that little!) surprises!      

ThoughtsSmall Persons with Wings is a delightful fantasy.  It is original, funny, and full of the unexpected.  Mellie leads the cast of quirky characters as a smart, spunky girl with an amusing outlook on life.  There are gentle lessons to be learned, but mostly this is a fun story for those who love fantasy, magic, and wouldn't mind knowing a Small Person with Wings themselves!  

Visit author Ellen Booream's website to learn more about her and her writing.

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