War Horse
by Michael Morpurgo

Summary:  The young horse Joey is sold to a hot-headed farmer, but luckily finds a master in the farmer's kind-hearted son Albert.  Joey and Albert become loyal friends until they are torn apart by the war.  Joey meets many horses and soldiers on both sides of the conflict, but never forgets Albert, his first and most beloved companion.    

ThoughtsWar Horse is the novel that inspired the award-winning Broadway production and blockbuster film.  Told from the horse's point of view, the novel is a powerful, heart-rending tale of the unbreakable bond between a horse and his master.  As a lifelong horse lover, I was completely enthralled by this story from page 1.  It beautifully explores friendship, the human spirit, the power of kindness, and the horrors of war.  This is a must read for horse lovers and fans of historical fiction.  

Click here to read more about author Michael Morpurgo and his many other animal books.                

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