by Heather Dixon

Summary: Princess Azalea and her eleven younger sisters love to dance; it reminds them of their mother who has recently passed away.  But, dancing is strictly forbidden during the year of mourning.  Then, the girls discover a magic passageway in the palace that leads to an enchanted pavilion where they can secretly dance throughout the night.  The alluring world is ruled by the handsome, mysterious Keeper who welcomes them nightly but has plans of his own for the twelve princesses.      

ThoughtsEntwined is a vivid retelling of Grimm's "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" (also called "The Worn Out Dancing Slippers") with clever allusions to "The Spider and the Fly."  Author Heather Dixon skillfully combines magical elements with realistic experiences in this gothic tale of loss, grief, family relationships, betrayal, and romance.  The sophisticated writing is lush and descriptive and pulls the reader right into the darkly-imagined, suspenseful world.  The audio format is particularly captivating.  Lovers of dark fantasy, fairy tales, royalty, and romance, Entwined is for you! 

Click here to watch a book trailer of this magical novel.

Click here to learn more about author and storyboard artist Heather Dixon or visit her blog.

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