Why We Broke Up
by Daniel Handler, Illustrated by Maira Kalman

Summary:  When Min and Ed break up, she leaves on his doorstep a box of all the objects from their relationship and a letter detailing the heartbreak. 

Thoughts:  Teen breakup is certainly not new, but Daniel Handler's telling of young heartbreak is completely original.  Building the details around simple but meaningful objects brings a fresh perspective, and Maira Kalman's illustrations pair beautifully with Handler's heartfelt prose.  The author gets Min's voice just right; readers can easily relate to her exhileration at the beginning of the new relationship followed by the pain of the devastating breakup.  This 2012 Printz Honor is at times hilarious, at times tearful, and at all times memorable. 

Read Why We Broke Up if ...
  • you have ever had your heart broken.
  • enjoy realistic novels about teens and romance. 
  • like creative, unique books.   
Click here to learn more about author Daniel Handler, illustrator Maira Kalman, and "The Why We Broke Up Project."  You can even share your own "Why We Broke Up" story.  

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