Born Wicked
by Jessica Spotswood

Summary:  Since her mother's death, Cate has been trying to protect her two younger sisters and their secret:  they are all witches.  In their early 1900s New England society, this is a secret that, if discovered by the controlling Brotherhood, could result in death.  Cate then finds a diary left behind by her late mother that indicates the three sisters might be part of a dangerous ancient prophecy.  All of this plus the arrival of a new governess, the return of Paul - her childhood love - and the handsome Finn she can't stop thinking about all mean that life for Cate Cahill will never be the same.  

ThoughtsBorn Wicked, the first in the new Cahill Witch Chronicles, is an absorbing novel.  The mysterious, tense mood of the story keeps the reader intrigued and constantly wondering what is next for Cate and her sisters.  The judgment of the community's witches is believable and, sadly, similar to the discrimination found in the real world toward those with differences.  I particularly liked the strong female characters and the handsome Finn. :)  The novel ends with a bit of a twist and leaves the reader eager for book 2! 

Read Born Wicked if you: 
  • enjoy historical novels.
  • like books about sisters.
  • are looking something for different from the trendy paranormal novel. 

Watch the trailer or visit author Jessica Spotswood's website to learn more about this intriguing new series. 

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