The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green

Summary:  Hazel is 16 and has terminal cancer.  She meets Augustus at a support group for teens with cancer.  As they fall in love, they wonder how to live and how to make their short life count.    

Thoughts:  John Green is a rock star of young adult literature.  And, this book proves that he truly deserves this status.  His writing is smart, funny, and unforgettable. Hazel and Augustus are such incredible characters, and I plan to reread the book soon just to get to know them all over again.  I have long appreciated John Green and his powerful writing, but The Fault in Our Stars has turned me into one of his crazed super fans.  

Read The Fault in Our Stars if:
  • you are a John Green fan (although if you are, you've probably already read it!).
  • you like clever, smart writing.
  • you enjoy realistic fiction.
  • you like strong, memorable characters.
  • you love books that make you laugh and also make you cry.
  • someone you care about has cancer or if you are struggling with an illness yourself.
Read more about this book and the others by the incomparable John Green on his website or join his other "Nerdfighter" super fans on the Nerdfighters ning.      

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