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Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different
by Karen Blumenthal

This is an excellent biography of the fascinating Steve Jobs.  Author Karen Blumenthal skillfully shows the complexities of Jobs' personality, including his incredible creativity and drive as well as his explosive behavior.  I found the book to be absolutely captivating, from Jobs' early life, the beginning days of Apple, his later troubles with the company, and then his triumphant return.  The story behind the various Apple models, iPod, iPhone, advertising campaigns, and even the distinctive Apple packaging are so interesting.  I devoured this book, and that's not something I often say about biographies!  

Read Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different if you: 
  • enjoy biographies
  • don't enjoy biographies!
  • are a passionate Apple fan or own any Apple product
  • are interested in strong personalities and those who "think different"
  • like (true!) stories about second chances
Visit Karen Blumenthal's blog to learn more about her, this biography, and nonfiction writing. 

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