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This summer I took a writing course from a National Writing Project instructor, Dr. Carol Wickstrom of the University of North Texas.  It was an intensive, 3 1/2 week class and a truly incredible experience.  

As a middle school language arts teacher, inspired by the writings of Nancie Atwell and Laura Robb, I attempted to run writing and reading workshops in my classes.  I wish I had been able to take this class then!  It offers the nuts & bolts training that would have really helped me more smoothly and effectively implement the workshops with my students.

The NWP experience is also excellent for fostering growth as a writer and appreciator of the written word.  I grew so much individually through the daily writing, readings, exercises, inquiry research, demonstrations, and participation in a writing community.  Also, I learned a lot of useful teaching strategies that I will be able to implement in the library and in collaboration with teachers in my building.   

The mission of the National Writing Project  is to equip educators to improve writing and learning for all.  There are sites located throughout the US that offer the training.  I would highly recommend this to Language Arts and English teachers, librarians, curriculum directors, literacy specialists, anyone interested in improving their own writing, and any educators striving to foster literacy development in their students. 

Today's students live in a digital information world.  So, writing, reading, and communication skills are more important than ever for the 21st century learner!  Here are just a few inspiring educators doing great things to this end in their classrooms and schools: 

Penny Kittle, teacher, literacy coach, and author 

Donalyn Miller, teacher and author of The Book Whisperer

Sarah @ The Reading Zone, high school teacher and blogger

Two Writing Teachers, two innovative writing teachers and authors who write and blog together but live miles apart!  

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