The Fire Horse Girl
by Kay Honeyman

Summary: Jade Moon was born under the sign of the Fire Horse.  This sign is a curse for Chinese girls ensuring that they are too spirited and strong willed.  As Jade Moon's family worries about who will marry her, she dreams of a different life where she will not be married off and won't always be an embarrassment to her father.  An unexpected turn of events takes Jade Moon to America where her cursed strong spirit may be exactly what she needs to survive.      

ThoughtsThe Fire Horse Girl is a well-researched, beautifully written historical novel.  Feisty Jade Moon is an endearing character with a compelling story; she quickly won my heart.  I knew very little about the Angel Island  internment and the plight of the Chinese immigrants during this time.  Honeyman gives us a vivid, authentic picture of this experience through the eyes a memorable teen.

Read The Fire Horse Girl if you ...
  • like stories about plucky heroines 
  • enjoy reading about characters who must find the strength and courage to overcome adversity
  • have ever felt that you don't quite fit in
  • like books about Asian culture and history
  • relish finding books by exciting new authors!  
Mrs. Honeyman's story is an interesting one.  She became fascinated with Chinese immigration while going through the process of adopting a son from China.  Visit her blog to read more about her journey and her writing. 

Full disclosure:  Author Kay Honeyman is a co-worker and a friend.  Yet I choose to spotlight her novel strictly because it is a lovely piece of historical fiction for young adults.  

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