Book Talk with Teri Lesesne

I attended Teri Lesesne's Tools of the Trade workshop at Region 10 on Thursday.  I always enjoy her presentations.  She so skillfully and succinctly pinpoints the heart of a book.  She also preaches the power of silent reading time (Amen!) and offers great ways to connect books to all parts of the curriculum.  On Thursday, she spoke about several of my favorite new books as well as some that were new to me.  I fell in love with ...

Paul Meets Bernadette  
by Rosy Lamb (Candlewick)
This charming book tells the story of Paul, a goldfish who swims around and around in his bowl desperately looking for something new.  Then, Bernadette arrives.  She shows Paul a whole new world just beyond the fish bowl and a whole new way to live. 

The  brushstrokes are distinct and bold, the word choice is exquisite, and the story is absolutely delightful.  I can't wait for this one to be published!  

Thanks for coming to Dallas, Teri.  Look forward to hearing you again soon and adding more books to my reading list!         


  1. You need to keep me abreast on these curriculum connections workshops...I could co-attend!

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thanks so much for this post -I was quite amazed to see Paul meets Bernadette on your wonderful blog when it will not be out until December! You are the first person to write about it and I am very honored.
    All my best,
    Rosy Lamb

    1. What an honor to hear from you, Ms. Lamb! This is my favorite picture book of the year, and I cannot wait for it to be released. Your writing and art are impeccable, a truly perfect pairing. I will be giving this book and/or recommending it to many! Congratulations to you on a job beautifully done!

      Thanks for visiting...



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