Jillicious Reading: One Came Home

One Came Home
by Amy Timberlake

Summary:  When her sister goes missing and a body turns up in her sister's favorite dress, Georgie is not convinced.  She is certain that Agatha is alive and sets out on a journey to find her.  Although she is determined and quite a sharp shooter, Georgie is not prepared for all that awaits her on the Western frontier. 

Thoughts:  I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this novel.  Author Amy Timberlake's expert writing builds a loveable, plucky heroine in Georgie and sends her on an unexpected adventure that is suspenseful, humorous, and moving. The lyrical writing is to be savored; here's an example: 

Ma's grief, in particular, wore on me like sandpaper. She dragged her sorrow room to room, and I found out that viciousness nested inside me. When I saw receipts left in the till, or noted that Ma had forgotten to mark down a sale, I mentioned it. I become a fault-finding expert; bins missing their lids, eggs gone bad, a customer unattended, a boy in a fancy blue serge suit with a fist in the penny candy. I knew I shouldn't do it, but the part of me that was unredeemed spoke.
I just love that ... "the part of me that was unredeemed spoke."  What a lovely way to describe the ugliness that lives within us. I highlighted many expertly penned passages throughout this engaging mystery novel.
Read One Came Home if you ... 
  • enjoyed True Grit
  • are a fan of historical fiction
  • like feisty heroines
  • enjoy suspenseful mysteries
  • appreciate fine writing and outstanding word choice
Click here to visit the author's website and to learn more about One Came Home and Ms. Timberlake's writing.  I eagerly await her next novel!

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