Library Opening in Midland!

I went to Midland (my hometown) for the opening of a new library branch a few weeks ago.  What a special weekend! 

John Trischitti ("Mr. T"), the Library Director, led the project to build a new branch for Midland County.  The library opened to a large, excited crowd on the morning of April 13.  The event was headlined by (my fellow Midland Lee High School graduates!)  First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush and General Tommy Franks.  After opening remarks from these distinguished guests, the doors were opened and the people flooded in!    

The First Lady of Libraries :)  Mr. T smiling proudly!
The Centennial Library is an engaging space for patrons of all ages.  The design is modern and offers cutting edge technology.  Ceiling-installed data projectors splash videos onto the walkway floors that delight young and old.  The library's smallest patrons can be seen eagerly chasing the butterflies through the images.  :)  The walkway is lined with large, live trees that give the space a unique, tree house feel.

The children's area - which General Franks calls "the kiddie section" ;) - is vibrant and interactive.  The kids flock to it ... an immediate sign that it completely succeeds in reaching its audience!    
A hot air balloon invites readers to climb in and "ride!"
Kid-friendly keyboards
A sight that makes a librarian's heart sing!
Other cool features of the library are these giant touch screen catalog search stations (like giant iPads!),

... a cozy reading room complete with comfy chairs and a fireplace,  

... self checkout stations,

... a genealogical research center, and flexible spaces to showcase traveling exhibits.  All of these features come together to create a relevant, inviting library that encourages exploration, reading, and learning by users of all ages.

After the opening, the library foundation hosted a lovely luncheon.  First Lady Laura Bush and General Franks made further remarks and thoroughly entertained the lunch guests.  My mother and I were delighted to be a part of this special event.

Kudos to Mr. T (and all who worked on this worthy project) on the library design and the opening day festivities!  It was an outstanding day for Midland, for the Midland Lee Rebels :), and for libraries.  I was truly honored to be a part of it.  If you are ever in the Midland area, definitely make a stop at the Midland County Centennial Library!  And then go to Taco Villa or Murray's for lunch.  ;)

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