Jillicious Pairing: Bomb & Shadow on the Mountain

I suggest pairing ...

by Steve Sheinkin

In January, I blogged about Bomb, an outstanding nonfiction book detailing all that happened around the world during the mad race to be the first nation to build an atomic bomb.  Click here to read my full post about this fascinating book.

And, be sure to keep your eye on author Steve Sheinkin, the rock star of YA nonfiction!  His well-researched, quality informational books are always highly readable and engaging.

with ...

Shadow on the Mountain 
by Margie Preus

Shadow on the Mountain tells the story of Espen, a fourteen-year-old Norwegian boy living through WWII.  When Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway, Espen and many of his friends join the Norwegian Resistance Movement, an underground espionage and sabotage effort of Nazi operations.  Some of Espen's friends fell under the spell of the Germans and their desire to dominate the world.  But Espen, and others like him, stayed loyal to their country and risked their lives to gain and deliver intelligence. 

The novel is fast-paced, exciting, and informative. It gives the reader an authentic look at the Resistance as well as at the Norwegian people and their patriotism.  I lived in Norway for a few years when I was in middle school, so I particularly enjoyed revisiting this setting. Espen's story is based on the real-life adventures of Erling Storrusten; notes, photographs, maps, and other informative artifacts are included.     

Why this pairing works ... 

These two pair nicely as Bomb details some of the Resistance spies and covert missions tied to the atomic bomb; Shadow of the Mountain gives a broader, insider picture of what happened throughout Norway during the years of German occupation.  The Norwegian efforts during the war are not well known to many readers, and these two selections help bring a fresh, informative perspective. 

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  1. Awesome book pairing! I hadn't heard of this book or author before, but I think I'll be putting the book on my to-read list. :) Thanks for sharing!



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