Jillicious Reading: Heaven is Paved with Oreos

Heaven is Paved with Oreos
by Catherine Gilbert Murdock 

Summary: Sarah and Curtis are always together.  Not quite just friends and not quite a couple, Sarah is confused about their relationship and worried that annoying Emily Friend (AKA "Emily Enemy"!) has her sights on him. Then, Sarah has the opportunity to travel to Rome with her free-spirited grandmother. This Italian adventure brings surprise discoveries about her family and about herself.

Thoughts: I am over the moon that Catherine Gilbert Murdock has returned to realistic fiction!  In my opinion, this is where she truly shines.  I ADORED the Dairy Queen trilogy and am thrilled that she has returned to this setting with the emphasis on some different characters. 

We get to know Sarah, who made a brief appearance in the earlier books.  She is smart and honest and has an original (often hilarious!) outlook on everything.  We also meet Sarah's grandmother "Z".   She is flawed and flaky, but completely charming.  The grandmother - granddaughter trek through Rome, as told through Sarah's journal entries, is a pure delight.  Readers will be eager to visit (or revisit) this enchanting city.  Murdock's new novel is a funny, insightful celebration of love, family, second chances, and Rome! 

Read Heaven is Paved with Oreos, if you ... 
  • enjoyed the Dairy Queen books 
  • dream of Italian travels
  • are a journaler 
  • have made mistakes and are thankful for second chances
  • appreciate music and/or Oreos :) 
Click here to visit Catherine Gilbert Murdock's webpage.  (Fun fact: Mrs. Murdock's sister is Elizabeth Gilbert, adult author of the popular Eat, Pray, Love.)  

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