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Since The Hunger Games hit the shelves, readers have been clamoring for dystopian novels.  If you are looking for more in this captivating genre, here are several to consider.  Some are well-known and already quite popular; others are quieter, appealing to a smaller audience.  But, all are worth a look by fans of dystopia!

Article 5 series 
by Kristen Simmons
Ember remembers what life used to be ... before people were arrested for reading romance novels or for staying out too late.  She manages in the new government controlled world until her mother is arrested for violation of Article 5 ... and one of the arresting officers is Ember's first love, Chase Jennings.

Blood Red Road series 
by Moria Young
(optioned for a movie by Ridley Scott) 
When Saba's twin Lugh is kidnapped, she sets out with her little sister Emmi to find him; the two endure a tough, gritty world as they seek to reunite their family.  Saba eventually finds hope in the handsome, daredevil Jack and the Free Hawks, a group of female vigilantes.  But, will she ever find Lugh?  

Delirium trilogy 
by Lauren Oliver
(in development as a TV movie)
Lena is looking forward to her 18th birthday when she will receive the cure.  Provided by the government, this remedy ensures a safe, predictable life not threatened by emotion.  But then, unexpectedly, she falls in love. Lena now wonders if a life without emotion is really worth living.

Divergent trilogy 
by Veronica Roth
(movie in filming, set to release in March 2014; final book in the trilogy, Allegiant, just released)
As her 16th birthday approaches, Beatrice ponders which faction of society she will choose; the choice determines her future identity and could also permanently separate her from her family.  Her decision becomes even more complicated when she discovers she is "divergent," the first of many surprising discoveries about herself, her government, and her future.  

The Eleventh Plague  
by Jeff Hirsch 
After the Collapse of America, Stephen, his father, and his grandfather are doing their best to survive by scavenging and staying on the move.  But, a sudden tragedy and a risky decision put Stephen on a completely unexpected path.

Enclave series 
by Ann Aquirre   
After the world is decimated, most of civilization has moved underground into the enclaves.  Deuce turns 15 and, as expected, takes her role as hunter, but is unexpectedly paired with the elusive Fade, a former Topsider.  The discovery they make changes everything.

Epitaph Road 
by David Patneaude 
It's 2097. Thirty years ago 97% of the male population was wiped out by a mysterious plague.  Kellen, a 14-year-old boy, now exists in the minority in this female-dominated society.  The ruling women have eliminated the world's most pressing problems - poverty, hunger, war - but this utopia has come at a cost.  

Gone series 
by Michael Grant 
In the blink of an eye, everyone over the age of 14 suddenly disappears ... gone.  When the teens are left in control, sides are drawn, bullies rule, and a frightening new world emerges that no one expected. 

 Incarceron series 
by Catherine Fisher
(in movie development)
Finn has been a prisoner in the vast Incarceron as long as he can remember.  But, he is certain he is an Outsider.  His only tie to the Outside is Claudia, the daughter of the Warden.  Finn is determined to escape the prison, Claudia is determined to escape an arranged marriage.  Do either have a chance?

Legend trilogy 
by Marie Lu
(optioned for a movie: final book in the trilogy, Champion, releases this week!)

What used to be the US is now the Republic.  June, born into an elite family, is the  golden girl of the government.  Day, a son of the slums, seeks to thwart to the government at every turn.  When these two cross paths, an unlikely alliance is made and truths are discovered that neither expected.

Matched trilogy 
by Ally Condie
(optioned for a movie)
Cassie trusts the decisions the government makes for her.  When she is Matched with her longtime friend, Xander, she trusts that he is her perfect mate.  But, then another Match flashes momentarily on the screen ... the mysterious outsider Ky.  The government says it was a glitch.  But was it? 

The Maze Runner series 
by James Dashner
(movie in filming, set to release September 2014)
When Thomas awakens, he is in an elevator with no memory of how he arrived there.  The doors open, and he is greeted by a group of boys who welcome him to The Glade.  Like Thomas, they don't remember how they arrived; all they know is that the doors to the Maze open every morning and close every night and that a new boy arrives every month.  All are surprised when the next arrival is a girl with a message.  

The Neptune Project  
by Polly Holyoke
(just named to the 2014-2015 Texas Bluebonnet Award List)
Nere has always felt most comfortable in the water with her beloved dolphins.  But, she is shocked to learn that she has been genetically engineered to live in the sea.  When the government makes a sudden proclamation, her mother tells Nere the truth and insists that she immediately escape in the sea with two others like her.  She doesn't have time to think; she is now on the run from the government officials and the dangers that lurk beneath the water's surface. 

Partials series 
by Dan Wells
Only a small human population remains after a decimating war and a weaponized virus.  The end seems to be in sight for the human race as no babies can survive the plagued new world.  Kira, a medic-in-training, is on the front lines; she makes a discovery that might lead to ultimate survival, but she must battle the government to see it through and time is running out.

 The Testing  
by Joelle Charbonneau 
(nominated for the 2014 Texas Lone Star List)
It's graduation day for Cia.  Against all odds she hopes she will be selected for the Testing; she is not the very top of her class, none of her brothers were chosen, and few have gone from her region.  But, Cia desperately wants to be among those taken to the capital to compete for the chance to lead and to study at the university.  Then she learns more about what the Testing truly involves.

Under the Never Sky 
 by Veronica Rossi 
(optioned for a movie)
Aria lives safely in a domed city where most time is spent in a virtual world.  Perry lives on the outside in a world where life is dangerous and very real.  When Aria's mother disappears, she seeks answers that take her beyond the domed walls and into immediate danger.  Suddenly thrust into this frightening world, she has no one to depend upon but the savage Perry.  

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