Summary:  After a dramatic resuce at the end of Catching Fire (Book #2 of The Hunger Games Trilogy), Katniss is trying to adjust to life in District 13.  She is utterly consumed with grief, regret, bewilderment, and constant worry about Peeta who was taken captive by the Capitol.  In spite of her fragile state, the powers of District 13 are insisting that she become the Mockingjay – the ultimate symbol of the revolution and the lifeblood to the rebels.  Katniss wrestles with taking on this role as well as simply learning to live after the traumatic experiences in the arenas and the devastation of her home.

Thoughts:  I couldn’t read it fast enough, and then was so sad when I turned the last page, knowing that this was the end!  Author Suzanne Collins creates yet another captivating novel that very effectively brings the trilogy to an end.  I will miss but not soon forget these complex, intriguing characters.

Be sure to first read Books 1 and 2 in the trilogy!