Summary:  Alex is surprised to discover that he doesn’t simply share the name of a legendary vampire hunter, he might actually become one too.

Thoughts:  I admit I have been a little over-vampired.  I was a huge Twilight fan when it was first published, but I’ve grown weary of the vampire mania.  So, I wasn’t that excited to read this new novel by first time novelist Jason Henderson.  But, I heard a lot about it and decided to give it a try.  Boy, am I glad I did!  I loved it!  Mr. Henderson’s vampire storyline is fresh & new and filled with delicious literary & historical references.  I just ate it up!  It’s a an exciting, suspense-filled adventure that is anything but a Twilight copycat.  One review calls it a “modern-day spin of James Bond meets Dracula” which sums it up perfectly!  Fans of Vladimir TodAlex RiderAlfred Kropp, the Young Bond series, or anyone who likes good adventure, try this new series by Jason Henderson.