Summary:  Karou, an art student in Prague, creates amazing drawings of chimera in her sketchbook.  Her classmates assume the mythological creatures come from Karou’s imagination.  But, the chimera are actually real … the only family Karou has ever known.  And, now they are threatened.  The doorways that lead to their enchanted world are being scorched with a single hand print from winged strangers – a warning of what is to come.  When Karou locks eyes with one of these breathtakingly handsome strangers, she begins on a journey that leads to the revelation of many secrets … secrets she may not have been ready to learn.

Thoughts:  Author Laini Taylor immediately pulled me into this fiercely original novel.  Through her eloquent writing, Ms. Taylor builds a vivid, magical world and also beautifully describes the fascinating city of Prague.  The reader wants to catch the next plane to the Czech Republic that surely brims with the magic the author describes!  I loved the characters as well as the Ms. Taylor’s fresh take on angels & demons.  I also liked the gradual unveiling of the character’s secrets and back stories throughout the novel.  Daughter of Smoke & Bone is not just another paranormal romance. It is clearly in a class of its own.